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Backlink is still very much important for SEO like it was before. Backlink is called the heart of SEO. Not a single website will get good page rank as well as good position when searching it online. It helps websites getting indexed quickly.

There are only two types of Backlink that are Do follow and No follow. The more backlinks you have then you will get more visibility and higher ranking for a webpage.

You need to find out how many backlinks are working on your website to take further steps. That is why we are offering backlink checker tool for personal and professional necessity. Please feel free to use our tool as per your need.

Backlink Checker

The main task of this tool is to provide the list of backlinks of a particular website or blog. It helps you by providing very quick and informative results about the backlink of a particular website or blog in a short time.

Quality backlinks are more important than low-quality backlinks. This tool helps better to find out quality or low-quality backlinks.

How Does it Work?

Backlink checking tool maintains a series of very effective tests to determine available linked backlinks of the provided website. Some additional information will also be collected such as- used anchor text, page-ranking of backlinks source, warnings or any potential flags for each and every individual link.

It shows exactly how many existing backlinks is there (for a website or blog) in total by separating Alexa, Google, Bing etc.


‘Backlink watch’ is very vital for SEO. If you know that your website has a fixed number of backlinks then it will be easy to take some other steps or it will help to put emphasis on some needed think about your website for SEO.

Our link checker tool not only shows the number of backlinks you have but also shows some surroundings like anchor text, backlink’s source, any potential flags etc.

Why you use our Backlink Checker tool?

Simply, we provide quality services to our customer for free. We want that people come here and take our services for not only their personal uses but also professional uses. User satisfaction is our great achievement.

Link Audit Time

You need to use backlink checking tool quite frequently if you are getting started with building the links only. But a standard link audit is different, it could be approximately once in a year.



Backlinks have a beneficial role on your websites. You need as many backlinks as possible. However, getting tons of backlinks isn’t the problem but getting high-quality backlinks. You need backlinks to rank higher in search engines. If you have well-optimized content and useful backlinks, you’ll have no problem of ranking high in search engines. The process of getting backlinks can be frustrating, but this tool is simple and efficient. So start using this free Backlink Checker today to reap the good benefits attached to it.


All you need to know about this tool

In recent years of SEO, we’ve come to understand the importance of backlinks on the ranking of websites. Even now, backlinks are still hot cakes and very much alive in the SEO world, but there are some other factors for ranking high in search engines. If you engage your site in black hat SEO methods or build low-quality backlinks, your site will be stagnated forever. Building high quality backlinks from reputable high profile sites is necessary. When you have a substantial amount of quality backlinks and SEO content, then ranking on search engines would be a walk over for you. So in this case, we present to you our special Backlink Checker Tool. It’s an entirely free tool that anyone can use for their website. To use this tool, you need to put your domain name into the required space and then click the submit button. Once you’ve done that, the result you’ll get shows the number of backlinks pointing to your website, Google backlinks and Bing backlinks as well. If you want to skyrocket your search ranking, then this tool is the best for you. You can also check other tools on our website for better ranking.