Bykea karachi scame fraud with people

01/10/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Bykea karachi pakistan

Bykea Fraud with people scame warning

Bykea fraud with people scame report of bykea karachi pakistan jobs offer people and partner but we search and some person have the join of this compnay for jobs partner but now we next totaly article start to end put in this week with proof of bykea fraud with partner.

I self Partner of bykea compnay i do jobs 12 days start the device 7.30 Right and close as per time 10 hour and above today call received me from admin bykea that createria is very hard so no achive the criteria i reply on phone that if ride come distance 20 KM how we manage of this ride we give the duty hard but not postive reply from admin about my this ansers

Note:-  I suggest the Personal of all people that who want to join the bykea not join this compnay please dont waste your time in here so i alrady very loss i make the licience for this compnay reqiuriemtn and other i buy the bike after the join so all this loss very big this compamy play with our partners now becuae he want to permote in people and after the earn so partner no decide join this compnay and waste our time join other any compnay etc for job not suggest this bykea join this is my personal experience of here .

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