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Coinspace - Coinspace Merchant Program about to LAUNCH Today now S-coin use the every where in world and happy all poeple merchant also start in here for seo free seo tools we accept here buy and sale the s-coin coin space merchant approved free seo tools seo compnay in pakistan also New merchants are welcome to announce their services for Bitcoin conect in coin space now s-coin merchant of bit coin and coin space one compnay 

The List of the Merchant of coin space s-coin under 

Pepsi compnay merchant s-coin coin space Launch today

KFC start the merchant s-coin coin space  Today Launch

Ebay start the merchant s-coin coin space today Launchy

Click bank merchant s-coin coin space today Launch

Other Bir Airlines of merchant start PIA  air lines - Emrates Airlines Dubai-Dubai Fly merchant today start coin space s-coin today in list of coin space list in day by day increase 

1. Coinspace is an established company backed up by Swiss Bank*
It is legally operated and licensed as a bank with branches in all over the world with MLM system which operates online.
*2. Lucrative marketing plan with the easiest conditions in the market*
Even low capital can reach the highest rank by accumulated group points.
*3. Coinspace have a strategic plan to boost the price of Scoin in the market*
There are already over 40 projects that will drive the rising price of Scoin.
*4. Scoin best strategy is to introduce the merchant system before the coin was launched*
Merchant will automatically use Scoin after launching using the same equipment.
*5. Scoin transaction is the fastest compared to all crypto that exist in the world*
Atm Cards will take 3-5 seconds to change Scoin to the currency of the country, no need confirmation like bitcoin.
*6. Members who introduce the merchants will get lifelong royalty income*
Each transaction generates income to members and also members in their network.
*7. Scoin card transaction system will use our existing ATM*
Users do not need to use the internet and computers, which means everyone can use Scoin. No need exchanger, transfer, etc.
*8. Scoin is the only government-friendly digital currency*
Every Scoin transaction will produce a receipt which will help the government use tax on merchants. Scoin will be the governments' most favored cryptocurrency.
*9. With the latest strategies, we no longer need to teach members and merchants about cryptocurrency*
We only promote the use of existing ATM card system. And automatically Scoin can already be adopted, thus makes our job easy.
*10. In Scoin, coin appears after the merchant*
This means there is no question about where to sell and where you want to use Scoin.
*11. Finally, with this strategy, there will definitely be more merchants for Scoin than bitcoin*
Scoin prices will soar higher and we will become millionaires.
Or click the link below to get your free positioning account now.  

I was recently presented the overview of CoinSPACE. This is a company billing itself as the 1st in the MLM industry to build a compensation plan around MINING of Crypto-currencies as a product service. 

Now I am no stranger to crypto mining, buying and selling BitcoinLitecoin, or even Ethereum. So this topic and business model intrigued me so much i joined the business once I saw what was on offer, and more importantly planned for the near future. 


This is a very important question, for its billed to be the future of majority of global commerce within the next decade. Two weeks after the financial crisis of 2008 began, Lehman Bros folded sending the global centralised financial banking sectors into bedlam and ruin. A whitepaper was released under the anonymous pen name by a person or persons calling themselves: Satoshi Nakamoto outlining an innovative concept called Bitcoin.

The fundamental concept was a decentralised transparent public crypto-currency that was independent of central bank regulation and barriers, to enable global cross border financial transactions in a secure anonymous manner.

In layman's terms: A Crypto-currency is a digital HASH (alpha numeric number) of a mathematical problem. This HASH is unique and represents a value based on the amount of electricity and processing power to calculate the HASH value. If on a decentralised network of independent nodes agree to this HASH being correct among the network. Then this HASH becomes a representation of a TRUSTED transaction = a crypto-currency. 

The TRUST element is the core value and the commodity being traded known as crypto-currency the currency of agreed trust. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and the other hundreds of Crypto-currencies are units of agreed trusted transactions and levels of security and anonymity. 

The global banking system of centralised internal accountability, which in turn was exposed as false failed millions of people around the world. Countries failed such as Iceland and Greece. Spain, Ireland and Italy where on the brink of financial ruin. The trust in banks was lost or at best diminished to a joke.

The world was ready for an alternative that was owned by no individual or corporation, and had traceable accountability and transparency regarding transactions. Birth of the Crypto-currency...

What is CoinSPACE, and why should we care?

CoinSpace is currently in pre-launch phase. The vision of the company is to create a crypto-currency merchant account based eco-system with there own currency the "sCoin" to penetrate and grow the market, users and merchant locales as rapidly as possible, and as cost effective as plausible. Network marketing was selected as the ideal distribution model. Independent investors in the marketing would get compensation for bringing Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals to merchants locations. Every transaction would have a small fee which would be the commission for the company and the sales person of the POS terminal. on free seo tools.

The core element of the business will be the eWallet containing the account information and number of coins. The eWallet will be able to store multiple different crypto-currencies.

The typical access to fund from the eWallet will be via the CoinSPACE own sCard. This card will be able to be used like a normal card to purchase goods and services like any other. The company CoinSPACE will be "the exchange" for crypto to cash purchases made with the card.

Merchants will be given the incentive to use the CoinSPACE POS device for merchant transactions. Typical Visa and Mastercard transactions incur a transaction fee in the region 3-5%. Using the CoinSPACE POS paying with a VISA or MASTERCARD will incur a fee as low as 2%. Transactions made in the companies own Crypto-currency (sCoin) will incur a 0.02% transaction fee.



To make this merchant platform and usecase viable, a 3 point MLM based compensation plan was developed. Investors of CoinSPACE purchase packages for fixed term lease contracts of 365 days of the companies Crypto mining hardware. 

The company mines Bitcoin, Litecoin, Xaurum, Ethereum and sCoin currently with others being options in the future.This is the companies core business offering at present, the mining service.

The lease contract converts the lease into sCoin, which can be sold back to the company currently for 0.50€ or held until the company goes public on the stock market and open currency exchanges.

NOTE: the future value of the sCoin may go up or down. With a large userbase and merchant network the goal is the currency will increase in value significantly. The sCoin is backed in real money by the mining operation of the other top leading Crypto-currency offerings.

Payments from MLM:-

  • Direct sales commission from package sales
  • Binary compensation 50% lesser leg
  • Matching bonus

The compensation plan is a simple binary with payouts on the lesser leg 50% the weaker legs volume. Each package sold equates to a set volume amount. All payouts of commissions are made two times per month 75% cash in Euro and 25% in sCoin.

The MLM distribution model is purely to grow the user base of the sCoin as rapidly and wide as possible. Real world shops and merchant acceptance is a KEY to success. Entrepreneurs and small business owners will benefit greatly from this Cryptobusiness project.

I am David Gelkin. I am a British Voiceover artist from Finland. My history is from a technical background as a software developer at Nokia, working on the Common Commerce Engine (Shopping cart). I've also worked as a consultant programmer/developer for the banking sector in the city of London, UK. I've been an Entrepreneur since the age of 15, and owned and sold multiple businesses over the year. I have been in the Network Marketing (MLM) industry for almost 10 years in different companies.

I am attracted to this company due to the low investment risk. The potential to achieve a real world use via the merchant network. Plus I am an advocate of personal enterprise. Worst case scenario is I look a fool and loose a small amount of initial investment money as starting capital. This is basically everyday life for an Entrepreneur. If this works and local merchants start using the POS device to reduce per transaction fees, and the network grows to very large volume. Then this might be worth a pre-launch effort. 

There are only two things guaranteed in life, taxes and death. Everything else is possible with a bit of effort.

Would you like to join me?
You can visit my website for more information about this business and a form to complete to be kept up to date on developments and instructions of how YOU can get involved, plus I will send you the company business plan. all detail on free seo tools merchant of coin space bit coin and other coin start on seo merchant today

What is Coinspace?
Coinspace is a concept backed by The Swiss Bank and Private Malta Business Casino entities.
A new wealth system designed to build it's own individual blockchain structure from Bitcoin.
Part of the virtual monetary system (Cryptocurrency) Coinspace's -
S Coin was created, created to build a cashless industry for present and future economic and trades around the world.
S Coin will be launched in January 2017 on the CCMC (Crypto-Currency Marketing Capitalization) with over 700 Altcoins created, the aim is for S Coin to integrate with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, Peercoin and many other valued digital currencies.
Founded in Malta, S Coin will be publicly launched to the world once the milestone of 50,000 members worldwide has been reached.
Today Coinspace has members in over eighty countries on all continents, from Malta, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Australia, New-Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, Philipines, Malaysia, new Countries added over the past three months - China, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand... this is the new mass digital wealth the idea is to bring a form of strength, a virtual monetary system built on Blockchain disruptive technologies.

With Peer 2 Peer Cryptography and Blockchain integration, the Directors of the company are moving forward with its Cloudmining, Physical Mining, and Merchant Processing already in operations.

Coinspace started its marketing concept in April 2015 launched in Australia in June of 2015 by Top Australian Director and Distributor (Blue Diamond) Noel Days from Melbourne, Victoria.

A crypto-currency is a form of payment that can be used on the Internet, has value, and can be converted to and from cash. A real alternative to fee-based payment systems, similar to Paypal and credit cards at zero or next to nothing fees.

S Coins over the Internet creates a revolutionary digital currency it is a way to pay by taking out all third parties ie (Banks) enabling individuals and businesses from all over the planet to exchange value and trade with each other direct.

S Coin is a digital product of the virtual monetary system, when it launches on the trading platform, CCMC, S Coin will value significantly. This is recognized by the IT industry and financial analysts experts.

Coinspace members have privacy, freedom, community, independent wealth portfolio's, own personal bank account that accumulates on an annual basis... a system called digital liquid cash.

The opportunity to build your personal wealth with Coinspace

1. A good passive income with above average returns – 200%+ per annum – and paid daily, You Lease a Supercomputer (Mining Rigs) that “mine” S Coins.

2. These computer mining rigs produce S Coins, accumulating daily, weekly coins with your lease into an e-wallet, with valued growth S-Coin is a digital commodity created by supercomputers to trade on the internet, buy and sell as a digital tendered currency in the future.

3. Return on investments, producing excellent Asset Growth. You can’t upgrade a Mine Lease, however, you can Lease additional Mines. if you are not into network marketing having multiple mines will build your profit daily, weekly.

4. Additionally and optionally, you can introduce Affiliates to Coinspace into a binary position, and earn good commissions for doing so. There is no monthly auto ship and virtually no limits to what you can achieve. Already there are many individual success stories around the world. If you relate to people, this would be in your interest, with a lucrative compensation plan, that separates bonuses from other Networking Cryptocurrency start-up companies... Commissions are paid weekly.

5. Coinspace is less than eight weeks away from launch, valued asset 0.79 euros cents in pre-launch at present.

6. The value of S Coins has been increasing significantly! Bitcoin achieved in value at present now between $650 - $700 USD, took two years to profit $1 USD, hit a pivotal record of $1275.00 USDs in late 2013. Bitcoin is a volatile digital commodity, but the significance is you can make serious profit short term and long term... with a win or lose high-risk factor concept.

7. S Coin will launch at 1 euro, and market analysts are suggesting it could follow Bitcoin’s example and possibly in the top ten of Cryptocurrencies at launch we will find out if this is fact then.

8. Coinspace Debit Cards is now available for use at any ATM worldwide to withdraw cash or make EFTPOS payments, funded from your e-wallet. OMNI and AWEPAY.

9. You can pay for your Mine Lease using a credit card for all mines except the Double Mine, which needs to be purchased by direct bank transfer to an Australian bank. for more information Please email for details.

10. There is no down-side, and no risk! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. It's as easy as operating a bank account on the Internet.

By leasing mining rigs now, we are creating our own future finance.  

All detail here on new merchant free seo tools on coin space s-coin start today

The cloud mining service provider Coinspace Mining has eight cloud mining contracts to automatically accumulate S Coin a distributed platform that allows participants to build their own “smart” digital accounts. Referred to as “Altcoins”. The alternative cryptocurrency protocol was developed byCoinspace in 2013 and has received wide support by members and professionals in eighty countries today. The first sale of S Coins (the currency of Coinspace) will be launched in January 2017 (cryptocurrency current market capitalization with over fifty thousand Coinspace Members.

These cloud mining contracts are on offer by Coinspace Mining they have a running up to 1 year with an annual add on to continue supply and demand of your S Coins. Ethical from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. These contracts will enable Coinspace Members Miners seeking to profit from the S Coin value and are structured to maximize profit by all fees occurring upfront instead of throughout the life of the contract. The current price for S Coin is valued in pre-launch at 0.79 euro cents due to supply and demand we may see the value continue to rise before and after launch.


Five Reasons Every Business Should Accept Cryptocurrency
In 2008 by an enigmatic (and still unknown) inventor, Bitcoin has helped spark a revolution in finance, economics, and business. At its most basic, Bitcoin is an anonymous form of electronic payment based on complicated encryption. All payments are made in public though people involved in the transaction remain hidden.
The end result is a new way to pay for goods that one day might be standard for people everywhere. Currently, Bitcoin and other so-called ‘cryptocurrencies’ are used by a unique group of elite tech users. But usage is steadily increasing among mainstream audiences giving businesses cause to investigate accepting payment in Cryptocurrency.
Coinspace's Merchant Payment Process: An Overview
AcceptingS Coin for payment might not be the right move, or even necessary, for every business. Large corporate operations with physical locations might not see much of a point in participating in the cryptocurrency. Smaller businesses and those that operate entirely online will immediately see the benefit of accepting it.
1. Goodbye, Chargebacks!
Credit card chargebacks are a bane to any business. In credit card processing, too many chargebacks related to your total transaction volume can result in cancellation of services from most merchant payment processors. With S Coin, businesses now have a chargeback free electronic option for accepting payment. Even better, this whole process avoids the established banks and clearinghouses that add fees to every step of a traditional credit card transaction.
2. Lower Fees for Certain Customers
As it was mentioned earlier, Coinspace circumvents most transaction fees. When a business wants to convert Bitcoin into dollars (or any other currency), however, there will be transaction fees of one sort or another. Compared to credit cards, however, rates from Bitcoin exchanges are incredibly reasonable. The flat rate fee from Visa and Mastercard is 2.5 percent. Some Bitcoin exchange rates collect as little as 0.2 percent per transaction.
Another option is for businesses to automatically convert Bitcoin into merchants’ local currency. Services like Coinbase pay merchants once a day and charges one percent plus $0.15 for every transaction. This enables customers to directly pay with Bitcoin on a business website while the merchant avoids dealing with the cryptocurrency directly.
3. Activist Customers
To be honest, less than one percent of people on the planet have ever used for held Bitcoin. Even though this sounds like a small number, this represents approximately 7 million people using Bitcoin for various reasons. For certain industries or organization, accepting Bitcoin can yield fantastic results. The Electronic Freedom Foundation or the legal defense fund for Edward Snowden would have obvious reasons for embracing the anonymity associated with Bitcoin transactions. Beyond nonprofits, there are advocates and fans that support the concept and even prefer to use Bitcoins wherever possible. Though this often takes the form of Bitcoin purchases for gift cards to major retailers.
4. Nothing to Lose
Accepting Bitcoin is fairly easy to implement. It’s also a reasonable option for many industries. Like most decisions in business, whether or not a specific company decides to accept Bitcoin should be made carefully. With that said, there’s little downside to accepting Bitcoin payments other than effort. Participation in this exciting new cryptocurrency could even attract coverage from various niche blogs and news outlets.
5. Accepting Investments as a Form of Payment
For the majority of businesses, Bitcoin will be a fairly small portion of total payment processing. Holding some or all Bitcoin revenue as an investment could yield a nice return. As more businesses and individuals become comfortable with the idea of Bitcoin, the demand for the limited availability currency will increase. Though fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin might be off-putting to some, it certainly is an interesting proposition. Accepting a $268 payment for goods or services on March 16, 2015 was worth $416 a year later.

What is Cryptocurrency?

The questions about what is Cryptocurrency is all about are slowing

What is Cryptocurrency?

More and more people around the world are starting to understand what cryptocurrency is all about. There are over 40 companies listed on the world market selling coins of one type or the other, so the message is getting out.

However to assist those in the learn stages the following will help.

What is Cryptocurrency and Mining?

Cryptocurrency is digital form of currency which is being used increasingly all over the world including in Australia.

When comparing the types of traditional currencies a cryptocurrency is much more efficient in terms of usage and has much lower transaction costs than the traditional banks.

The very first cryptocurrency became known to the world back in 2008/9 when Bit Coin started trading. Since then many more companies have listed on the global market.

It should be noted when Bit Coin first launched you could buy the coins for about 0.01 euro, now days the coin are linked to market forces and range in price from $450 to $800 Euro each. 
This site shows where you can buy and sell Bit coins and how much you will need to pay.

Coinspace is one of the new players and offers so much more than the existing coin traders, Giving members a wonderful opportunity to be able to buy and mine coins before launching onto the global market. They do this by opening the door to allow members to access the coins at a rate much lower than the coins already trading. In other words using your computer to earn them money while they sleep!

However once Coinspace reaches launch stage, this is going to quickly change as the coins will steadily increase in value until they reach or surpass the current values. 
Which means those that created accounts NOW or who have already created accounts and have purchased CoinSpace S Coin Packages are going to very well indeed it could be said that many of these people will become millionaires!

It is sometime misundersatnd by people as they consider cryptocurrency only as virtual money or a transaction system. Not so! If one looks closer they will see that while the monetary aspect is very important that is only the start!

One needs to realize that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are absolute groundbreaking internet technologies and money is only a very small part of the fantastic possible applications for this technology.

We all know what money is? But why do we need it?

Down through the centuries people have bartered with one another as a form of exchange. Now days that form of exchange or trading is somewhat different because we use money, cash, credit cards and so on.

Then we use banks or money moving businesses to help us move money from place to place country to country. So today the movement of money has become incredibly complex everyone trades with everyone worldwide. So why do we need money, because we use it to facilitate trade.

Unfortunately some of this trading is hidden form us and we need to keep records. So we need the help of other parties that we can trust, middlemen if you like? So we use bookkeepers, accountants, banks, governments and of course cash, paper money and so on to help us facilitate and approve our transactions.

Cryptocurrency and How the Blockchain Work?

Getting onto what cryptocurrency is and how it really works.

First of all we need to understand about the Essence of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology.

Cryptocurrency should be considered to be a software and as such, the software enables a group or networking of computers working together, maintaining collective bookkeeping from entries made from the internet.

It is most important to understand that this bookkeeping is not closed nor is it control of one party or a central authority such as a bank. On the contrary, it is very public, and available in one digital ledger which is fully distributed across the group or network. (That's not to say everyone can see your personal information.) This is called the blockchain.

Now it gets a bit tricky as In the blockchain every single transactions is logged, including other information regarding the time and date, participants and of course the amount of every single transaction.

Each node (and there are many thousands of them in the network) has full ownership of a full copy of the blockchain. All and every transaction is verified by the cryptocurrency miners and they maintain the ledger. It should be said this calculated on the basis of very complicated state of the art mathematical principles.

The mathematical principles that are applied by the software ensure that all the nodes automatically and continuously concur about the current position of the ledger and every single transaction in it.

It needs to be noted that should anyone attempt to corrupt transaction the thousands of nodes will not agree, nor will they arrive at a consensus, so they will refuse to incorporate the transaction in the blockchain.

In this way every transaction is public and thousands of nodes unanimously agreed that a transaction has occurred on a particular date and at a register a time. It is just like your personal accountant is watch over every transaction. So what this means is everyone has access to a shared single source of truth. Very clever!

Cryptocurrency is considered to be the smarter currency

Understanding the benifits of using Cryptocurrency

Real cash money will not just disappear quickly, but it is going to be effected as cryptocurrency is smarter programmable money and people are starting to use it more and more.

Cryptocurrency has extra security, the transaction costs are much cheaper than the banks. When you pay a cheque from another bank into your bank, the bank will often hold that money for several days. In fact no central authority has control, so banks cannot take it away, or charge you any fees. For those who find their trust in the traditional banking system unravelling, cryptocurrency is a big benefit.

Then there are other businesses that move money will charge a fee not so with cryptocurrency. You can use cryptocurrency to send Money to anyone anywhere in the world, almost instantly, without the help of a middleman charging fees.

People cannot steal your payment information from merchants, because they are unable to find or source the information to steel!

One of the issues with regular currencies is that governments are able to print as much of it as they like, and as often as they like and in many cases they do!

If countries do not have the funds to pay off the national debt, then they can simply print more. If the economy is unstable, then governments can take newly created money and inject it into the economy, of course this causes the value of the country's currency to decrease.

The Blockchain Technology ledger does not care if a cryptocurrency represents particular amounts of Dollars or Euros, for that matter anything else of value, including a property.

Users are able to decide what a unit of cryptocurrency represents. A cryptocurrency like one of the many on the open market today is divisible in to 100 million units, thus each unit is individual, identifiable and programmable.

What this means the cryptocurrency owners is are able to assign properties to each individual unit, users are able to program a unit to represent one dollar a Euro, cent, even a share in a company or digital certificate of ownership.

So it is understandable that the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could be used for much more than just money or payments. Cryptocurrency are able to represent many different kinds of property

A company is able to control its spending in the same way. By simply programming budgets for all their business requirements, purchases, like machinery and materials, salaries can be include and so on. The respective money is now specified and cannot be spent on anything else. By automating these situations leads to considerable decrease in bureaucracy.

To neglect the idea of Cryptocurrencies in today's world is like neglecting the idea of Internet, which by the way some people dismissed as a scam.

People who take the time to learn and understand the cryptocurrency technology are people who will develop a very clear picture how it all works, will also see the benefits for mankind. It could possibly be called the people's money.




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