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The PC, as a gaming platform, has had something of a tumultuous history. Despite struggling somewhat in the early 00's thanks to console competition, the popularity of digital downloads and online multiplayer has thrust PC gaming back into the spotlight in recent years. By far the most dynamic gaming platform available, the PC has the advantage of being totally open in comparison to the consoles. This has not only allowed indie developers to more easily release their games on PC, but it's also given players the opportunity to release mods - labours of love that can change the original game significantly. In this list, we've put together the greatest games ever released on PC, from early 90's classics to modern hits. There's a lot of choice when it comes to the three decades or so of PC gaming history, and we've had cut some of our favourites, but every title in this top 5 has earned its place in one way or another. For Specification & Review of below top 5 games go on Ocean of games

5. Half-Life 2

Did you really think we were going to forget about Valve's sci-fi classic? Half-Life 2introduced one of the sturdiest game engines of all time, surpassed its legendary predecessor in every way, and permanently raised the bar for narrative in the FPS genre. Despite being released almost ten years ago, Half-Life 2 is still a good looking game; a notable achievement for a 3D title that went straight for realism. It also featured a great physics system, which was utilised for object destruction and realism, as well as some creative puzzles. Half-Life 2's greatest strength was in how completely it managed to immerse players. Although it was a very linear campaign, players were absorbed into the organically told narrative, which was realised primarily through in-game events and background exposition. Control was given for the entirety of the game, with no cutscenes that were removed from the action, really allowing players to feel like they were Gordon Freeman himself.

4. StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty

It's hard not to include a game that has been referred to as the national sport of an entire country. StarCraft is a massive cultural phenomenon in South Korea, and still has a healthy competitive scene worldwide. StarCraft II: Wing of Liberty had a huge amount of expectation on its shoulders. How could Blizzard possibly hope to improve upon a game with such a colossal following? However, they somehow pulled it off, creating a game that kept the feel of the original StarCraft, while offering a completely different meta game. The online multiplayer, with its extensive league system and brilliant selection of custom modes, arguably makes up the meat of StarCraft II. However, it's a complete package, and the single-player campaign is also terrific. If you've only got time to get into one online RTS, make it StarCraft II.on free seo tools

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