Scame Goldtransmit.com.pk

01/08/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Scame goldtransmit.com.pk

Scame Goldtransmit.com.pk 

Our Team visit for prestation today in this office in 2 talwar clifton we observe that the compnay is scam warning buecaseu the paln in prestation tell the diffrent asnwer here in the preststation team not confirm first the plane of compnay second the this is tld of domain in pakistan buy person under detail 

2.    Second Reason of scam is the the hosting use in pakistan ns1. and ns1 of this compnay http://adminsline.net/  if the compnay is mulitnation compnay why use the local hosting in pakistan this is not busienss requiremetns mulitnation compnay

3.   The compnay says in our prestation we have the 9 million member in chinae alrady work if have the member where on which site the mulitiatnol compnay not use the Local TLD only use the one domain in all world it mean the local TLD is not perfect for mulitationl compnay work on it if spose the book the local the any compnay so have the option in pknic that buy domain from china pay only 40$ and book on china address compnay then if come ok

Actually our team is all the web destining and devloper last 10 years we have the expereinence which compnay fraud whic is leagal so we sugget and give the people that not investment on this compnay you are big loss here.


IN his compnay main webisite before this http://goldtransmit.com/  i give the proof here go the option top of the baar contact us compnay address

Here the comany email info@domain.com the comain.com is the big compnay of the only domain provider this god transnit compnay not only 0.05 percent equil on this compmany so big mistkae compnay address main the email not mention on personal here may be after change when write the article this 


Many more mistake confirm the lcoal base compnay pakistan manangement MLM Leader any one handle this compnay and target the 5 month we give in this period the compnay is run live and life time so secure your amount 

In this period when our team go for prestation in here the chairmin chamger of commerce sitting here hs is the higher this compnay as a borad director of GT compnay so we qestion here he says not confirm i not understand of this commpnay plane so not agree this person to work also in here with mangment current totaly higher in small salery all peple run this compnay this is not base of mulitnation compnay 

Our team of also collect the report from china no have the prvioud any compnay china on this plane so oen have the compnay laounched soon next week in feb 2017 so copy of the website totaly from compnay and come here.


Secure Your amount secure your future secure your respect 



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