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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code To Text Ratio Checker is an outstanding tool developed by FreeSEOToolStation. This tool represents the percentage of actual text on a web page compared to the percentage of HTML code. Most search engines use this to calculate the relevancy of a web page. If you find a higher code to text ratio, then it means there are more chances of scoring good search positions.

To use Code to Text Ratio Checker, just enter the URL of the site and let our tool display the complete results in a second only. The results provided by our tool shows the actual code to text ratio, content text size and the total HTML size text tool simply type/enter your website URL and click on the submit button. Your website text and HTML codes ratio result will be displayed with page size, text size, HTML size and the percentage of text and HTML which is the exact percentage of your website.

Many search engines use the code to text ratio but on the other hand, there are also some search engines that don't focus on it. But still if you make it a priority to have a higher code to text ratio on your site, you can easily gain a substantial advantage over your competitors.