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About Keyword Density Checker

Using this keyword density tool doesn’t facilitate fix your mistakes, however it will establish your mistakes therefore you'll be able to build the acceptable corrections. What’s distinctive regarding this keyword density tool is that you simply will enter a URL or paste a piece of writing, select the amount of keyword results to show, and the way several words per phrase (up to three words).

In a matter of seconds, your results can show and you'll be able to see each the count and density beginning with the foremost oftentimes used words and phrases. (Keyword density could be a calculated proportion supported the amount of times a word or phrase is employed, compared to the general word count for that page.)

Keep in mind that SEO components (including keyword density) should take a backseat to quality on your online page or article. Otherwise, all SEO efforts square measure vainly as a result of solely pages that square measure attention-grabbing, fun, informational, or valuable in the other means can maintain a property presence in programme results.

However, it's even as vital to use this keyword density tool and avoid the acute of over-optimizing or under-optimizing. whereas there aren’t any well-tried tips set forth by Google for keyword density, you ought to keep your primary keyword(s) between a pair of and three, and secondary keywords (long tail search phrases) between one and a pair of.

When setting up your website, some factors can help you rank higher on search engines and the keyword is one of them. You need to use safe and valuable keywords on your content for better optimization. Keywords are not the same for every content, and it’s impossible to know the density of keywords by manual methods. To facilitate the process, Call SEO tools has a range of tools and Keyword Density Checker is one of them

Importance of Keyword Density

Whenever you’re writing your site’s content, it’s essential that you know the correct amount of keywords to use. Excessive keywords are not allowed, and such act will reduce your site’s performance on search engines. The number of times keywords are mentioned in a site’s content is often referred to as keyword density. Google has a strict policy regarding this practice and violating Google’s policy isn’t tolerable. For example, if you’re to write an article of 500 words, and you have a particularly high ranking keyword you want to use, then you should make sure you do not repeat the keyword often in the article. If you want to know your site’s keyword density, then this tool is specially developed for you. With our automated tool, you can calculate your keyword density in a few seconds.

Why you should use our free online tool

One of the main reasons that we recommend our tool is because it delivers precise results. We’ve taken our time to develop this free tool and we know that you’ll love it. We’ve tested this tool, and it works great with all browsers. We often test our tools before giving it out to our customers. Another god thing about this tool is that it gives the exact result that you expect and nothing else. To use this tool, you need to enter your domain name and the keyword you wish to track, and you’ll get the result instantly. With the outcome, you can then make adjustments to improve your site performance on search engines.

For accurate results, follow these key points

The first thing you should do before you write your content is to research for profitable keywords and then use the keywords wisely in your content. You should ensure that you do not use other keywords in a wrong manner by putting keywords just the way you like it. Another tip to follow is to place these keywords in the right place. Ensure you do not put all your keywords in one paragraph. It will make the content look boring, and you must make sure that your primary keywords are in the title and the first paragraph. One thing you need to know is that keywords should have to mean in your content. Putting keywords incessantly will get you penalized. Again, ensure that your keyword density is about 2-3% and if you feel your content is not unique, then consider using our Article Rewriting Tool.