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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Page speed is now one of the most important Google&;s ranking factors. Every site owner must pay attention to their site&;s speed because nowadays sites which load extremely fast are making to the top positions in search engines. According to some surveys conducted in the past, it was found that 47% of people expect a web page to load in less than 2-3 seconds, and 40% of people leave a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. So page speed is crucial to every website's survival in the online market.

But how can you check whether your page loads in less time or if it takes more than average loading time? The professional staff at FreeSEOToolStation has created this free page speed checker tool which provides a complete A-Z report of the site's loading speed and also notifies which page or graphic takes how much time to load. Just enter the complete URL of your site in the box and our tool will quickly crawl your whole web and tell you the overall page loading time and also a chart providing how many seconds a particular page or image took to load completely.

Benefits Of Using Page Speed Checker Tool By FreeSEOToolStation

There are several benefits of this tool to site owners. With the help of this tool, you can quickly see what&;s the page loading time of your site, and you can compare it with the page speeds of other top sites in the industry. With the help of the information provided by this tool, you can quickly identify which page or graphic of your site is taking too much time to load.&;

The unique features of our Page Speed Checker Tool are that it's fast, free, accurate, and provides the exact loading time taken by the web page. You can check the page loading speed of as many sites as you want with no any restrictions! 

If your site loads extremely fast, then it will not only improve the user experience or lower the bounce rate of your site, but it will also incredibly improve your search positions.

How To Improve Page Speed?

If you have checked your site's page loading speed and you have noticed that it is taking much time to load, then here are some very effective tips which you should start following right now:

  • Reduce Sever Response Time
  • Minimize HTTP Requests
  • Compress your images through online image compression tools
  • Enable Browser Caching
  • Reduce the No.of Plugins that you use on your site
  • Optimize CSS Delivery

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