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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

You can easily create a new or edit a present robots.txt record to your web site with a robots.txt generator. To add a current document and pre-populate the robots.txt document generator device, kind or paste the foundation area URL in the top textual content field and click add. Use the robots.txt generator tool to create directives with either allow or Disallow directives for user retailers for designated content material in your website. Click on an upload directive to feature the brand new directive to the listing. To edit an existing directive, click on dispose of the directive, after which create a new one.

In our robots.txt generator Google and numerous different search engines like google and yahoo may be designated within your criteria. To specify alternative directives for one crawler, click on the person Agent list container to choose the boat. Whilst you click upload directive, the custom phase is brought to the listing with all the universal directives included with the new custom directive. To trade a usual Disallow directive into a permit directive for the custom consumer agent, create a brand new allow directive for the unique user agent for the content. The matching Disallow directive is eliminated for the custom person agent.

It is one of the greatest SEO tool you should have in your collection. This Free SEO Tool allows you to generate the robots.txt file. This Robots.txt Generator is used when you hide a part of your web page, including websites, and bad bots.

The most important information about Robots.txt Generator Tool.

Web strings are changing incessantly for the benefit of all. In recent years, the aesthetics of the web has changed to an extent, opening the way to an era of quality and compelling content. It should be noted that creating only high-quality content is not the key to a successful website. Content must be available in the range of competition and gain good page rank authority and otherwise. No matter how unique your website content are, if the design is poor, you’ll surely get low visitors. With everything changing in the internet, webmasters too have to buckle up to meet the standards of search engines. It is often a question of supporting the best Web practices to promote better page ranks and the overall success of digital media plan.

Apparently there are a lot of opportunities to use and get your content to be visible online. The concept robots.txt one of them. The robots.txt Protocol or robots exclusion are the current practice whereby websites can communicate with the search engines. The standard is purely advisory crawlers which help separate and classify contents efficiently. Webmasters often use a Robots.txt Generator to provide search engines with the necessary information about the content they want crawlers to find easily and those that shouldn’t be visible. It is necessary to say that this process is critical with regards to getting a website’s content visible and so shouldn’t be left undone.

While the standard is required and the parameters associated with robots.txt prevention is advisory in nature, malicious web robots can use it as a guide to blocked URL. It is necessary to treat these bots carefully and erase them entirely. Wrong robots implementations may tarnish the reputation of the website and also put it in the back by a few steps.


To streamline the entire process, webmasters often get help from reliable sources to generate the robots.txt file.  By putting the data where necessary, one can allow some certain things or disallow them too. A webmaster can also include a sitemap for reference purpose. Webmasters can also set a command line to block malicious bots. The smooth nature of this tool makes it possible for webmasters to enjoy what they do best. The main purpose of robot.txt is to help secure your site against bad bots, and you can easily access this tool from our website.