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About Word Counter

Writing is not always the easiest of all jobs. It requires quite a bit of dedication. When you have to work with certain limitations, like an exact number of words, it becomes even more difficult. You have to write something which is original, interesting, grammatically sound and also specific in terms of number of words. Sounds like a tough job, doesn’t it?

Not if you use the word count tool, it is not. This tool will accurately count the number of words in your document. Not only this, the tool goes one step further and also counts the number of characters. This is why it is also known as Free Character Counter.

Where This Amazing Tool can be Used?

Students can make the best use of this word counter tool. These days, everything is done electronically. When students are given an assignment, they type it up on a computer. Students generally have to work within word count limitations. They can use this tool to count their words in seconds, and hence ensure that their assignment is up to the mark.

People who commonly post things on blogs and websites can also make use of this word counter and free character counter tool. Articles need to be of a specific number of words, and what better way to count these words than with this tool?

It can also be utilized by freelancers, journalists and even professors who want to confirm that their students adhered to the word limit.

How to Use:

If you are creating content from scratch, just click on the provided space and just start typing. When you are done, click on “count words” to get your result.

The result is displayed underneath the box and shows the exact number of words as well as characters.

Another method is to copy text from anywhere; this could be from your computer or from an online source. You can then paste this text in the space and click on “count words”. Again, results will be displayed within a few seconds.

What is a Word and a Character?

A word is made up of letters and any punctuation is included in the count.

A character is one letter, or a mark, or even an emoticon.

Why you should Use this Amazing Tool?

There are several benefits to using this word counter tool. For one thing, it is completely free. Another huge benefit is that the whole process of counting words and characters takes only a few seconds


The results are very accurate and there will never be a mistake.


It’s quite impossible to get a sit and count the article you’ve written, word for word. To write an SEO optimized content, there should be an exact keyword density. So the need for a word counter is very essential. With this unique tool, you don’t have to worry about counting your articles word for word. The tool will automatically produce the exact number of characters and words used in the article in less period.



How Does This Tool Work Exactly?

One good thing about using this tool is that it helps you check the exact number of words in an article irrespective of the nature of the material. Every content posted on blogs and website has a unique word count. If you’re going to write more than expected, then the article will be boring, and it will not make readers gain useful knowledge. Therefore, word count is crucial in all aspects of content writing, and there should be a limit to every article that you write.

Many websites have established a particular word limit. As a writer, it becomes increasingly important to respect the word limit so that your content is accepted by the website and published with ease. Manuel word count can become tedious jobs in the world and, therefore, various familiar Word Count Tools are readily accessible on the Internet.

Why you should use this tool provided by us

This Word Count Tool is specially developed to help writers obey the specifications of article submission websites. We've taken pleasure in creating this tool and the most surprising thing about it that it’s a free online tool that is available on our website. If you’re a busy article writer, and you want to know the word limit of what you’ve written, then all you have to do is just copy your work and paste it in the space provided and click the appropriate button. The final result will be shown on your screen in just a few seconds. The tool can also be accessed from any device, be it Android or IOS smartphones and the results are always accurate. Another great feature of this tool is that both the characters and words are counted to give a perfect result. Word count is also important when writing your Meta tag description. There’s a word limit for it and if you’re not sure of the number, just copy and paste the description and the tool will do the work for you.

Excellent advice on how to use this tool properly

The most important thing to follow while using this tool is to ensure that the whole content is copied and pasted into the space provided in the box. . Although you can easily check the number of words through MS-Word, for that, you must enable some options and therefore, the best thing to do is to use our free word counter. Sometimes you may also need to check the character limit or word limit of a certain paragraph which cannot be done with MS-Word without deleting some parts of the content. In such cases, word count tools are very essential. Apart from this tool, several other tools do incredible jobs such as Keyword Density Checker and many more